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Hackers turn Kobo Glo e-reader into a fully fledged Android tablet

Password Notices Tip Got Facebook? Hi all, I'm a reaonably proficient Linux user and developer, but having real problems getting the basic telnet hack working on my new Kobo Mini.

It seems that my amended KoboRoot. Move the echo line to the end of the rcS file and it should work. Originally Posted by KevinShort. Have managed to get telnet access by adding the relevant commands to the end of rcS rather than using run.

That's also helped me to work out what's wrong: the run. It was visible using vi but not my normal editor on my PC. Thanks to KevinShort for all your help, and to PeterT, too, for your suggestion. If so, you need to run your files through dos2unix before placing on the Kobo. All times are GMT The time now is PM.

kobo mini hacks

Mark Forums Read. Telnet hack on Kobo Mini. User Name.

kobo mini hacks

Remember Me? Tip Got Facebook? Thread Tools. Telnet hack on Kobo Mini Hi all, I'm a reaonably proficient Linux user and developer, but having real problems getting the basic telnet hack working on my new Kobo Mini. My Mini says updating, and reboots but doesn't create the hello.

I'm running firmware 2. Any ideas? I've spent 6 hours trying variations on a theme and I'm ready to resign from my job as a programmer becuase I'm clearly too stupid! Below is a link to my KoboRoot. Find More Posts by njpollard. Find More Posts by PeterT. Find More Posts by KevinShort. Find More Posts by DomesticExtremis. Similar Threads. Kobo mini Glo? How do you like your Kobo Mini?However it might also override some line spacing that would better be left fixed.

In full-screen reading mode when the FullScreenReading feature setting is activated and the "Show header and footer" reading setting is unticked the KePub reader has three problems: 1. Characters with large side bearing values such as italic f, J can be cut off if they appear at either end of a line. Images which are supposed to be displayed inline flowing with the text are instead displayed centred in a seperate block. This patch fixes those problems by replacing the following faulty style, which is the cause of problem 3.

Uncomment the following line to work around the second problem for these KePubs too. But beware, this can have unwanted side effects such as extra space between paragraphs if the above option for both horizontal and vertical languages is uncommented too.

Note that if the publisher has set the hyphenation in the book's stylesheet then that will override the built-in stylesheet. If it works then the firmware will not be upgraded during a WiFi sync, but you will still be able to upgrade manually or by syncing with the Kobo desktop. A factory reset invoked using the hardware methods such as holding down the light button while switching on should not be affected.

It may cause the screen to be off-centre.

How to Turn Turn your Kobo eReader into a Linux Tablet

Note that after the device boots, the keypad will just show blank squares until the first book has been opened. This patch only affects the Aura.

This patch doesn't affect the Aura. This patch disables that stylesheet entry. Also note that a side-effect of this patch is that the body padding-bottom is removed from the built-in stylesheet, which means that there will no longer be a blank line added automatically at the end of chapters.

See at the bottom of the patch for replacement values that can be used to tune the size of the margins to suit different devices and reading modes. I don't know how many sizes are allowed, but it is probably safe to use In that case, you might want to use 15 replacement values that are not quite so close together. For example: 0. Most of the built-in fonts are okay down to about 0. If you only read KePub books then you might want to remove some of the lower values and add some more of the higher ones.

If a replacement string is too long you will get an error when making the patch, but if one is too short then there will be no error, but strange things will happen to the reading footer. Unlike other strings it is OK if this replacement string is a bit longer or shorter than the original. You might prefer to remove the margins from the book's XPGT stylesheet before sideloading, instead of using this patch.

Calibre's Modify ePub plugin has a useful option for doing this. Also enable part 1 in libnickel. It will spoil the formatting of some books, but will ensure that the line spacing set with the adjustment slider takes effect.

[GUIDE] Install Android 2.3.4 onto Kobo Touch/Glo

Unless the publisher has used the font shorthand style; see option below. The font shorthand style is not very common in ePubs, but where used it can also prevent the line spacing from being adjusted.A big thanks to stef70 for being the first to document how to hack the Kobo Touch. The method used by the Kobo Touch to upgrade its firmware is quite simple: If the file.

By editing some of the files within KoboRoot. The first step is to get the current firmware so we can patch some files. There is a list of Kobo firmware files with download links here. The other way to get the latest firmware is to do a factory reset:. Now that we have KoboRoot. On Linux, extract the files with. Windows users can use a program such as 7-zip to extract the files. This script is called by the init process every time the Touch boots.

We can easily add our own shell commands to this script. Copy the KoboRoot.

Hackers turn Kobo Glo e-reader into a fully fledged Android tablet

There are two files, inittab and inetd. However, they are not found in the current firmware's KoboRoot. So, we will create a script, run. Connect your Touch to your computer and copy run.

After a reboot, you should find the files inittab and inetd. Move them to the etc directory of the extracted KoboRoot. Three steps are required to enable telnet and ftp. Annotation: In my case I am not the author on a Glo 2. You Should now be able to log in through telnet! You'll have to enable WiFi, such as by opening the web browser, and figure out your Touch's IP address.

Open the Touch's web browser, then, on a computer connected to the same network as the Touch, run assuming that the IP addresses on your network are Look for the MAC address of your Touch. Using that IP address, telnet into your Touch. Ignore the popup that appears.

I have tried the above with wifi off and unplugged it seems to work but have not fully tested by looking at battery level after awhile.XCSoar is an amazing software for sailplane, hang-glider and paraglider.

But lack the proper hardware with the following features:. The Kobo Mini is a very good eReader unfortunately no more retailed appears to be meeting all theses requirements except the GPS. And download the gps cover. You will need 5screws, size M1. So I can still use it as a regular eBook without draining the battery and without the blue led blinking in the dark.

Add a label for even more clarity. Drill 5 holes with a 1mm bit, using the module as guide. Insert it. Then solder the 5 wires. Use 2 parker 3mm screws. The original mAh beside the new mAh battery. The new battery li-ion from AliExpress measure 4x75x86mm, with 3.

Warning, you need the 3D printed spacer to use this battery. To remove the original double side taped battery, use an air dryer or so warning not a hot air gun, it would be too hot. The new battery is held firmly with double sided tape and now it last about 20hours of flight: perfect. They are tons of tutorials on the web, I wont describe it any further, but simply put, it works this way:.

I created custom map content to have paragliding skyways displayed on XCS:.

kobo mini hacks

This device is ready to use with the Kobo or any smartphone, simply connect it and voila! Hi,thanks for your instructions on this hack. Would it be possible for you to provide some software instructions for installing xc soar on to to the sd card. Are we limited to a 2 GB card? Can I use the same instructions and files for the go fly v4 software installation? I have ordered the hardware and case and would appreciate some guidance before I commence. Hi, I want to print a case for my kobo.

Would you share your fail for the 3dprinter? If you have it it will save me a lot of time drawing it myself! Shapeways asks what dimensions were used in making the STL files for the spacer…is it inches or millimeters?

Thank you. I did it and it works fine. Two little modifications. Do you know how install other adroid software? Hi Tweepy, thank you for the nice tutorial. I already purchased a second-hand modified Kobo Mini and trying to set a new one for my friend.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again.

Copy KoboRoot. Enable networking for example, Wireless panel of the Settings page. The nickel program the main Kobo UI will switch the wireless off after a few minutes. Skip to content. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Sign up. Hacking the Kobo Mini.

Branch: master. Find file. Sign in Sign up.

kobo mini hacks

Go back. Launching Xcode If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. Latest commit. Latest commit 9dc3 Mar 26, Kobo Mini Enabling telnet TelnetEnabler. You signed in with another tab or window.

Reload to refresh your session. You signed out in another tab or window. Mar 26, Example Kobo raw RGB file. Nov 8, Since the update to firmware 2.

Currently this hack still works on firmwares below 2. If you need help or find a bug, check the mobileread threador create an issue on github. As the Kobo Mini has no physical buttons, the fifo-interface is currently the only way to control nightmode when running and thus, relies on external tools such as:. The configuration file called nightmode. If you want to disable this feature, set it to 0.

Simply copy one of them into the. This hack works by intercepting and modifying screen-update requests on-the-fly from the main reader application. For the Kobo Aura, the inverting has to be done in software due to a kernel bug.

By interposing mmapmemory accesses to framebuffer can be redirected into a virtual buffer, from which the inverted data is pushed to the screen.

All you need can be found in Kobo's Kobo-Reader repository:. As the Kobo Mini has no physical buttons, the fifo-interface is currently the only way to control nightmode when running and thus, relies on external tools such as: KoboLaunchermaintained by sergeyvl12 Kobo Tweaksmaintained by ah- currently not available for 2.Pocket sized 5" E Ink eBook reader.

Kobo Mini is the lightest, smallest full-featured touchscreen and WiFi eReader on the market. Kobo Mini is truly the anywhere eReader. This voids any warranty. Do not do this if you are not ready to risk to break your device. Be sure to know what you are doing. The front cover should be seen as the mounting base of the other parts. Lay it flatly on a plain surface.

Check that the e-ink screen is not touched by any parts lying around on that surface. The plastic back is snapped into the plastic front cover. Use a soft item like e. Start at the bottom at the micro USB port, you can move the plastic the easiest there.

10 simple Kobo tips and tricks

This outer cover as the latches which snap into holes in the inner cover next paragraph. You will see another plastic cover. Use a very small Phillips screwdriver to losen the 6 screws you see. Carefully remove the plastic cover, but watch out: it is snapped under some latches at the right side device laying screen down on the surface, USB port at bottom. The Kobo Mini software is stored on a MicroSD card that can be accessed when the back covers are removed see above.

You can and maybe: should! This hole allows access to a reset microswitch. Use a needle or paper clip to press the reset button if ever needed. The MicroSD card can be exchanged. The third partition can be adapted in size to the new MicroSD card. It is accessible when the back covers are removed. It has 2. It uses 3. The device will work without a connected battery. It is powered via USB under such circumstances.